Current instructional activities

  • Principles of plant pathology (PLPTH 500) at Kansas State University (offered every spring semester).
  • Lab teaching of Crop Diseases (PLPTH 585) with Judy O’Mara (offered every fall semester).
  • Developing an Introduction to R workshop with Dr. Sydney Everhart.
    • co-taught with Sydney Everhart and Nikita Gambhir at University of Nebraska, Lincoln on March 11th, 2019.
  • Creating plant disease epidemiology excercises in R in collaboration with Tim Todd.

Teaching assistance

At Department of Plant Pathology, NCSU
  • PP 318 (Forest Pathology) in Spring 2014.
  • PP 315 (Principles of Plant Pathology) in Fall 2013.
  • PP 590 (Field Plant Pathology in NC) during Fall 2012.
At Department of Plant Pathology, UGA
  • Path 4400/6400 (Plant Pathology for Teachers) during Spring 2010.


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Plant Pathology